Find the IP Address of Your Wireless Router on Windows & Mac

Every device connected to the internet possesses an IP address, also known as Internet Protocol address. The IP address can be both public and private. The IP address is a private address and is the default value for most of the broadband routers, mainly belonging to the Netgear and D-Link models. Check How to Find the IP Address of your Router on Windows & Mac? below.

Each computer has a public IP address that is assigned by your ISP, which is unique to the overall internet market. Also, your router has a private IP address, provided only on private networks. It is not necessary that this address would also be unique since it is not a direct address to access, that is no one could access this address outside the reach of a private network. All these addresses are assigned and managed by the global organisation, Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).

How to Find the IP Address of Router on Windows & Mac?

It is possible that you might need to find out your IP address as you wish to upgrade the firmware of your Wi-Fi router or you wish to enhance the security to your wireless network with a strong password. No matter what the reason is, you, therefore, need to identify your IP address, which can be done through several ways.

Find the IP Address on Windows 10/8.1/7:

You can find out the IP address of your Wi-Fi router in Windows PC by two ways.

Way 1 – Open Command prompt in your Windows PC and type the command provided below. And click ‘Enter – ipcongif.’ The value listed in the Default Gateways is the IP address of your router.

Find the IP Address of Your Router on Mac:

Since there is no command prompt in the Mac computer. So the process for identifying the IP address of your router would be different. For this, you may use the Terminal app as command prompt in the Mac. Just keep in check that all the commands of the Terminal app are different from the command prompt.

Way 1 – To find out your router’s IP address in Mac computer, just open the Terminal App and enter the following command: ‘route –n get the default.’ Just like the first way for Windows, here too you would identify a default gateway, and that is the IP address of your router.

Way 2 – Open Network Preferences and then click on the ‘Advanced’ tab.

Now, the Advanced settings will open, and in that, you have to click on the tab TCP/IP. And here you will witness the IP address of your router as displayed in the below picture.


If despite following these ways, you are still not able to find out your router’s IP address then you have to reset your router to the ‘factory defaults.’ You need to first Google the exact name of your router model to obtain the correct IP address

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