192.168.l.254 is used as IP address of Admin panel of some of Eminent and Huawei router models. is used to configure internet settings of Huawei Router. You need to be admin on network to access 192.168.l.254. This is a private IPv4 address and complete router or modem can be controlled with 192.168.l.254

People normally search 192.168.l.254 in order to configure their router or they are not able access There may be several issues if you are not able to access. In this article we will explain about login steps to 192.168.l.254 and how to troubleshoot Login.

192.168.l.254 Admin Login Steps

Login to 192.168.l.2541 admin is very easy . Please follow steps mentioned below.

  1. Router Connection: Connect your router with power and switch it on. Post that connect Laptop or any smart phone with Router via Ethernet or LAN cable.
  2. Default Gateway URL: Open browser like Edge, Opera Mini, IE, Mozilla, Chrome and click on http://192.168.l.254
  3. Admin Credentials: User will be prompted to enter Admin credentials. Admin username and password is printed on your Eminent or Huawei router. If you doesn’t know password, comment your model name in comments section below and we will share Default admin username and password. In case you have reset the password and forgot it, press reset button for 15 seconds and try with Default Admin username and password.
  4. Settings Type: Select the setting mode you want to use. Technical guys can opt for Manual settings whereas freshers can opt for automatic settings. For manual settings we will recommend to go through Manual shared by Eminent or Huawei router brand. – Page Cannot be Displayed

If you are getting “Page cannot be displayed” or “Site cannot be reached” , there can be several reasons for this issue. We will explain all troubleshooting steps by steps and we are sure you will be able to connect to after below steps.

  1. Check the router connection with Power is proper and router light is on
  2. Check if router is properly connected with Laptop/Smart Device. You can check this in LAN section or WiFi Connection
  3. Restart your Laptop or Smart Phone
  4. Clear the browser of Cache or Run browser in Incognito mode
  5. Check if you have administrator rights on your router.
  6. Disable any firewall or any antivirus is running on your laptop
  7. Make sure is default gateway of your router. You can confirm this by typing ipconfig in windows cmd prompt. In smart phone this can be checked in WiFi connection.
  8. Admin username and password is correct.

We hope your issues are resolved with above steps, if still any help is required please feel free to reach us.

Verify the Computer’s IP Address like 192.168.l.254:

If you have changed the computer’s IP address, then it would not be stored in the router’s local area network, and hence, you would find it difficult to login. In such situation, you have to configure the network as ‘Obtain an IP address automatically.’ For Windows, you have to look for ‘Local Area Connection’, right click on the ‘Internet Protocol’, open ‘properties’, select ‘Obtain an IP address automatically’, then your PC will provide you with an IP address within reach of your router’s network, like 192 168 1 1, or similar.


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