Browsing the internet constantly, it is not uncommon for us to encounter certain numbers like In the overwhelming majority of times we do not pay much attention and do not seek a meaning for it. What happens is that when we are going to make changes to our router settings, we need to look for the meaning of these numbers.

If you are in a hurry and need to log in soon, do this:

  • Get an internet cable and connect it to the Wi-Fi Modem;
  • Open the browser at / or 192.168.l0.1.
  • Look under your router for Login data, you need a username and password;
  • By typing them in the field that will appear, you are now able to make the settings you need.
  • Just configure and save changes before exiting.

The 192 168 8 1 is much more important than you think, because without it is impossible to access the standard WiFi or Wireless to shape settings.

In this article you can find everything you need to know how to access the configuration area of ​​your router, regardless of your brand or internet service provider.

What does this numbering mean? is a number called an IP , it serves as a kind of router address and one of its purposes is to provide access to the configuration area of ​​this device.

The number represented here, , is one of the most common to be found on the Brazilian internet. However, there are other numbers that work in a similar way and are also considered an IP.

It is worth noting that the IP number must be entered correctly so that access is allowed, otherwise the website for the configuration of the mold will not be found.

How do I know this number is my IP?

The can not be IP used by your router , it is necessary to find him somehow. To find the correct numbering, there are two paths to be followed:

  • Watching the router

The simplest way to find the IP is by checking an information tag on the internet and network routing device.

This sticker should contain information such as the IP or access link for the desired modifications, as well as the company’s standard login for the modification of access.

  • Finding from connected PC

Another way to be able to find the IP is through a computer or notebook connected to the network. In such cases, you need to right-click the connection icon on the Windows taskbar.

Choose the option “Network and Sharing Center” and then click on the network you are currently connected to.

In “Details” it is possible to check more information about the network, with the IP number next to the ” IPv4 ” nomenclature .

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