When you are configuring a CCTV camera or a webcam you might have possibly come across an IP address Here in this article we will explain in detail about the IP address and it’s usage in routers. We have also listed the router models that use this IP address as their default gateway IP address. Detailed guide on how to configure the routers and other device that are in the network which uses this IP address. IP address Usage

As like,, IP address this IP is also a private IP address that is not accessible to the general public. You have to be inside the same network as the host in order to access the devices that has the private IP. In real world when you need to reach a particular spot you can use the address to reach there. Likewise in the online world, if you need to reach the particular host in any corner of the world then you need to know the IP address.

IP address works just like a real address with helps to find a place in the world, it helps in finding the host
we need to access.

Private Vs Public IP Address:

In order to save the IPv4 address being used by all the devices in a single network they have formed a private IP address set which helps to minimize the lavish usage of the IPv4 address and reuse it with the private networks. Since the reuse comes into the picture we have saved a lot of IP usages of version 4. But still after the evolution and cheap prices of the internet devices that are connected to the internet increased and IPv4 addresses are reducing so fast. That’s why they have introduced the IPv6 addresses.

The main distinguishable difference between the private IP address and the public IP address is that public IP address need to be coordinated with the IP registry, a registry that maintains and regulates the usage of the IP address around the world. Since the private address is used within a simple network they need not to be coordinated with the IP registry.

Here are the set of private IP address categorized.

Set 1 – – (Contains 16,777,216 IP address)
Set 2 – – (Contains 1,048,576 IP address)
Set 3 – – (Contains 65,536 IP address)
Here only the public IP addresses are unique and not the private IP address.

Ways to login to routers that use

Here let’s discuss some of the ways to login the router that uses the IP as the gateway address. The gateway address is the way to access the settings page of the router that has all the settings such as Wi-Fi connectivity, control the number of devices that are connected to the network.

  1. Open your favorite browser that can be anything from internet explorer to opera.
  2. In the address bar type in the address. For example, if you need to access then you can type in in the address bar.
  3. Make sure you are typing this address in the address bar and not in the Google search.
  4. If you have typed those in the Google then the router settings page may not open. Only you can see the Google results page.
  5. Once you type in the correct IP address then the settings page will be opened.

Default username and password list

Issues that are specific to

Many people have queries related to this router settings page. Let me solve them for you here. The questions are arranged in the most wanted order from top to bottom.

Why isn’t anything loads on my browser?

First of all make sure you have typed the IP address in the correct format.  If the format is correct then you must make sure that your router is connected to the network. Confirm the proper wire connection in the network and try again.

Still my router settings page not loading?

Then there might have occurred a small misunderstanding of the router’s default gateway. If you have entered a wrong default gateway address that doesn’t suite the router then it will not load anything. So check the default gateway IP address of the router correctly and then try redoing it. Check here.

Misspelling that occur with


192.168.l0 1

192.168.l.10 login



The CORRECT way to write the IP Address:

The only correct ways to write the IP address in your browser’s address bar are:


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