Typing the wrong IP address into your browser URL bar is one of the most common reasons why you get that “SERVER NOT FOUND ERROR”. By wrong we mean that you have either mistyped the default router IP, or the IP address you are trying to use is not the default one. or 192.168.o.1

As for the first reason, things are quite simple. You type instead of 192.168.o.1. Well, some of you may think – I don’t see a problem here! Well, the problems is in the small letter “o“ right before .1. The IP address is a string of numbers, so instead of you have to type the number “0” before 1.

Is the correct router IP?

And for the second reason, we are going to show you how to check if you are using the correct IP address. If you plan to access the settings panel of your wireless router in order to secure it a bit or do some basic network troubleshooting, you have to use the default router IP address. In this article we are going to use as an example.

What does a Default IP address mean?

Generally, most router manufacturers use a default IP address to help us easily access and configure our wireless routers. This address is used on our internal network and in our case it would be There are also other default IP addresses which are most commonly used, like or 192.168.o.1.

Because of the large number of wireless routers being produced every day, you can imagine how hard it would be to give each router a unique IP address. This is the reason why router manufacturers use a default IP address, as well as default usernames and passwords for their routers. As you see this represents a security risk for your home network, but luckily the router manufacturer made it possible for us to change everything we need in order to secure our network, and this is another reason why you need to know the default IP of your router.

What does a Private IP address mean?

The term private IP address is used to describe an IP address which can be only accessed for our home computers. In our case, is a private IP. This means that it can’t be accessed from a computer which is not part of our home network. At the same time this private IP can be used in a great number of networks. This is rather important because if two computers or other devices in a same network can’t use the same IP address. If this happens, networking problems may appear, IP conflict being one of them. Luckily, this can be fixed too with the help of our default IP.

How to login to your router using

First of all, if you want to log in to your router you don’t need a working Internet connection. However, the computer you are trying to login from has to be part of the home network and preferably connected to the router with an Ethernet cable.

The second thing you have to do is to check whether is your router’s default IP.

We have previously said that typing is something most people do, so pay close attention. The correct IP is

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