is a private IP address that is used as a default gateway address in many of the popular routers around the world. These IP addresses are used to identify the routers in the local network. IP address can be used to change the name of the Wi-Fi, control the number of devices that are connected at a time to the network and much more. We shall see the things that uses the IP address in the router below.

Unlike this IP address is not a very commonly used address. We can say it is the second most uses ip address. Here let me list some of the router brands that are using the IP address

The above mentioned brands have adopted this IP address to use as a default gateway for their router settings page.

Before jumping deep into the basic uses of the IP address we must know what is IP address.

IP address is the one that helps us and the other hosts to identify a specific host connected in a network. It also helps to identify the exact location that is associated with the host. Domain names are always associated with the IP address. For humans it is always very difficult to memories the name of the servers that hosts the files that you require.

Therefore the habit of mapping the domain name to the IP address came into the existence. So now if you enter the domain name into the browser you will get the right IP address and you can access the files in it.

The private IP address can be categorized into three major types:

  1. to – This is range one and this set has some IP addresses count of 16,777,216
  2. to – This is range two and this set has some IP address count of 1,048,576
  3. – – This is range three and this set has some IP address count of 65,536

Here in the third block the IP address range is present and it has some other IP address count of 65,536 private addresses.

How to login to

1. Open any of your favorite browser. Type in the IP address
2. If your router has the default gateway as the then you can see the settings page open for you already.
3. If it doesn’t open then you have first confirm the default address of the router that you have. You can check at the back of the router.

Resetting the router password:

Case 1:

Every router comes with a default username and password. If you don’t know the default username and password you can check it with the router. Turn the router around and find the credentials on the back side of the router. If you still can’t find it then please check the below table to find the correct default credentials for the router model that you hold.

Case 2:

If you already know the credentials and have changed the password or username and forget it, then all we can do is to reset the router. To reset a router you have to press the power button long enough or you have to use a safety pin to press inside the small hole available in the modem. Once you do it the modem or router will get restarted automatically.

For every routers there will be a router default gateway for sure. You can also change the IP address as you like but make sure the router IP that you like to use must be inside the private IP addresses range. If not it won’t work. You can refer the above content for more private IP address that out can use for the router.

Misspelling of Router IP:


http //192.168.l.254

https //192.168.l.254

192.168. 1.254


http //



http //192.168.l.254.254


The CORRECT way to write the IP Address:

The only correct ways to write the IP address in your browser’s address bar are: